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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSi Certification

Defence Environment and Heritage Pane (DEHP) 2014-2019

Indigenous Procurement Policy

Before engaging from the Panel, Project Officers are required to conduct Pre-Tender Due Diligence for all new approaches to market that fall within the Mandatory Set Aside. A project will fall into the Mandatory Set Aside where the procurement:

  • will be delivered in a remote area; or
  • where the estimated value of the procurement is from $80,000 to $200,000 (GST inclusive).

To determine if an area is classified as remote for the purposes of the policy, the Map on the Indigenous Procurement Policy website must be used.

If the Mandatory Set Aside applies, the Project Officer then must conduct Pre-Tender Due Diligence by searching for suitable Indigenous Enterprises (IE) on Supply Nation’s directory of registered IE’s and document the outcome of that search.

If a suitable IE is identified, the Project Officer must then determine if the IE could deliver the required goods or services on a value for money basis.

Defence Project Officers should first ascertain if the IE is willing to provide a proposal, if so the Project Officer must then request a proposal from the IE using the ‘Short Form Consultancy Agreement’. Users from other Commonwealth Agencies are permitted to use the Commonwealth Contracting Suite.

If a number of suitable IE’s are identified which could potentially deliver the good or service on a value for money basis, the Project Officer must assess these in a manner commensurate to the scale, scope and risk of the procurement, and award the contract to the IE that represents best value for money.

If none of the IE’s represent value for money, then the Project Officer should proceeds to engage a Consultant from the Panel.

For further information, please see the Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy.