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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


DEQMS Continuous Improvement (CI) Process

DEQMS Home Page

The Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) is required to identify Continuous Improvement (CI) to the management system in order to comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standards.

Stages in DEQMS Continuous Improvement process

Stage 1 - Identify & Register

Simple Request Register a problem or opportunity Register Audit Outcomes

Please email simple requests to the DEQMS Team

Simple requests may include:

  • rectifying broken hyperlinks;
  • deleting out-of-date or redundant content;
  • fixing typos;
  • suggestions to improve DEQMS;

Once registered, the DEQMS team will implement changes in accordance with the "How to Publish to DEQMS" process.

Please complete the DEQMS CI Registration and Tracking Form and send to the DEQMS Team

Continuous Improvement Opportunity may result from:

  • Not following endorsed DEQMS content;
  • A gap of DEQMS content;
  • A major update or change to DEQMS content;
  • The problem will or has caused significant delay in completing the project or activity;
  • Any perceived breach of any obligation;
  • a problem/opportunity re-occuring; and/or
  • significant financial and/or schedule impact.

Once registered the DEQMS team will implement the CI in accordance with Stages 2 to 5.

Please email the ID Audit Coordinator of the upcoming Audit.

The ID Audit Coordinator will work with the DEQMS team on their involvement in the audit and the ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Stages 2 to 5 - Assessment, Implementation, Monitor & Review

Stage Process
Stage 2

Assess Continuous Improvement Opportunity & Register as a NC or OFI
Stage 3

Solution Preparation and Approval

Stage 4

Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting
Stage 5

Review and Test