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PFAS Investigation &
Management Program

RAAF Base East Sale

RAAF Base East Sale PFAS Investigation

Summary of the Investigation

RAAF Base East Sale
In August 2018, Defence completed a detailed environmental investigation into the presence of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on and in the vicinity of RAAF Base East Sale.

All findings of the investigation are available on the publications page, including detailed reports and factsheets.

Defence is now focusing on managing PFAS contamination.

A PFAS Management Area Plan has been developed based on the findings of the environmental investigation. Potential management activities will be guided by the options presented in the Plan and informed by ongoing monitoring. The focus of management activities will be to reduce PFAS migration and mitigate the exposure risks identified in the detailed environmental investigation. The Plan is available on the publications page.

Community Notice

On 2 August 2018 Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) updated its advice about fish consumption from the Heart Morass area to include the Latrobe River in East Gippsland.

People who have eaten fish, eels or ducks are not considered to be at risk of any adverse health effects.

This precautionary advice was issued following testing of PFAS levels in plants and animals undertaken by Defence near RAAF Base East Sale.

Visit the VIC EPA Website for further information.