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Defence Environmental Management

Strategic Aim 1

Strategic Aim 5:

Defence will recognise and manage the Defence estate heritage values

This strategic aim covers heritage management

Strategic Aim Summary

Defence has a long and proud history of valuing its heritage places, including the important military traditions and culture that these values represent. Although the estate is managed primarily for military purposes, Defence manages its heritage values consistently with heritage obligations of the EPBC Act. This includes maintaining a current understanding and appreciation of the significant heritage, indigenous historic and natural historic values across the Defence estate and acknowledging, managing and preserving these values where appropriate.

Defence identifies and manages heritage risks through a range of activities at all life-cycle stages, incorporating heritage considerations into planning for training, operations, property redevelopments, maintenance, disposals and a range of other activities


To achieve this strategic aim, Defence will:
  • comply with legal requirements for management of indigenous, historic and natural heritage;
  • continue to learn from and improve its engagement with local communities;
  • continue to seek opportunities to adaptively re-use heritage buildings where this can provide a safe and efficient facilities solutions;
  • increase understanding of the heritage values on the defence estate; and
  • further build and maintain relationships with government, heritage organisations, and other custodians of large heritage portfolios.
The Defence Environmental Plan details strategic actions, accountabilities and timeframes to support the achievement of these priorities.

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