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Defence Environmental Management

Strategic Aim 1

Strategic Aim 4:

Defence will improve the efficiency of its resource consumption and strengthen resource security

This strategic aim covers energy efficiency, ecologically sustainable development, sustainable procurement, waste minimisation and water management

Strategic Aim Summary

Having a reliable and continuous supply of energy and water is critical to sustaining Defence capability. Energy and water are integral to most Defence activities, from powering aircraft, ships and vehicles to sustaining accommodation, offices and personnel.

Defence is the largest consumer of energy and water and the largest generator of waste within the Australian Government. Defence aims to improve energy and water efficiency and minimise waster generation. Due to its size, even modest improvements made by Defence can deliver substantial cost savings and environmental outcomes.


To achieve this strategic aim, Defence will:
  • minimise operational costs by using less energy and water;
  • transition toward cleaner energy and integrated water management (with greater use of fit-for-purpose water);
  • improve monitoring of energy and water to meet government reporting requirements and drive further reduction in energy and water consumption;
  • obtain a robust understanding of its energy and water consumption to meet to critical capability needs
  • improve waste disposal options and product stewardship (reducing the impacts throughout the product lifecycle); and
  • drive behavioural change in relation to energy and water consumption, waste disposal and product stewardship.
The Defence Environmental Plan details strategic actions, accountabilities and timeframes to support the achievement of these priorities.