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Defence Environmental Management

Strategic Aim 1

Strategic Aim 1:

Defence will deliver a sustainable estate across Defence maritime, land and aerospace areas, activities and operations

This strategic aim covers biodiversity conservation, biosecurity, feral animals, weeds, overabundant species, bushfire management, soil conservation, climate change and disaster management

Strategic Aim Summary

As one of the largest landholders in Australia, Defence has the responsibility to sustainably manage vast tracts of diverse maritime, land and aerospace areas. These areas are a fundamental input to Defence capability, training, and supporting facilities. They are also a significant national asset, providing important environmental values and ecological systems. As the custodian of the environment upon which it operates, Defence is committed to responsibly managing its natural assets and adhering to its environmental obligations.

Defence diverse land, maritime and aerospace areas allow Defence to train in environments which closely mirror the range of potential operational environments it may encounter when deployed. Defence capability relies on consistent and reliable access to these specific training facilities, many of which would not be possible to replace. Defence aims to sustainably manage its estate through a proactive, risk-based approach to environmental management.


To achieve this strategic aim, Defence will:
  • meet its environmental stewardship and legislative obligations with respect to natural values, across its activities;
  • train in a sustainable manner to ensure ongoing and reliable access to facilities and training area of the required training quality;
  • Minimise and manage adverse consequences (e.g. from bushfire and biosecurity risks) for external parties (communities, businesses and adjacent landholders) as a result of Defence activities;
  • Manage current and future risks associated with natural hazards and climate change;
  • Manage biosecurity risks when operating and training in Australia and overseas;
  • Build strategic partnerships to identify innovative and more efficient ways to enhance sustainability outcomes;
The Defence Environmental Plan details strategic actions, accountabilities and timeframes to support the achievement of these priorities.

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