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Friendship through UnderstandingAustralian Defence Force English Language Profiling System(ADFELPS)

Australian Defence Force English Language Profiling System (ADFELPS) is an English proficiency rating system used to assess the English language skills of students and to describe the levels of English required for target courses conducted for DCP (Defence Co-operation Program) students. ADFELPS is to be used for all DCP countries in accordance with DI(G) Pers 05-13.

ADFELPS Tests can be administered in all DCP countries. Only accredited ADFELPS raters can rate writing tests and conduct speaking tests. New ADFELPS test materials are developed at DITC and are regularly distributed throughout the region by the local Australian Language Adviser (ALA) or equivalent.

ADFELPS Tests in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing can be administered in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Timor Leste, Tonga, and Vietnam. Where no accredited rater is in-situ, the Australian Embassy Defence Section staff can conduct Listening, Reading and Writing tests. Listening and reading tests should be marked in situ by a competent English speaker IAW the directions on the answer key provided while all writing test papers have to be sent to Defence International Training Centre (DITC) for rating. Only currently accredited raters can rate ADFELPS writing and speaking tests. Accreditation can be obtained by attending an ADFELPS Rater Training Course (ARTC) at DITC.

Friendship through Understanding ADFELPS Materials

Centres with accredited ADFELPS Raters can submit their order form for ADFELPS Test Materials to their local Australian Language Adviser (or equivalent). Test Materials are normally distributed once a year.