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Other Defence Grants

Outside of Defence's structured grant programs, you can apply for a Defence Grant in two rounds:

  • Round 1: Applications accepted between 1 July and 31 December. Outcomes advised by March*
  • Round 2: Applications accepted between 1 January and 30 June. Outcomes advised by October*

*Subject to relevant approvals.

The Process

The process for managing out of cycle grant requests is changing; Defence will no longer accept applications outside of the two grant rounds listed above. The process listed for each round will be undertaken as outlined below.

  1. Application Received - Completing the application form is the first step in the grants process. This ensures that we have the information required to determine the applicability and merit of your grant request.
  2. Application Assessed - The application once received will be assessed by Defence, to ensure that the application meets relevant criteria, including eligibility to receive funding from Defence, and an assessment of its merit and associated risks. Further information on the assessment process can be found in the relevant Grant Opportunity Guidelines.
  3. Recommendation - A list of funding recommendations will be made by a Selection Panel based on the initial assessment. Grants endorsed by the Panel will be provided to the relevant decision maker for an approval decision.
  4. Decision - The decision maker will review the Panel-endorsed recommendations and make the final decision regarding your grant application.
  5. Outcome Informed - Defence will communicate outcomes to you, whether successful or unsuccessful.
  6. Negotiate Agreement - A legally binding grant agreement will be negotiated and entered into with successful applications, detailing the terms of the grant.
  7. Payment Made - Defence will remit funds to the applicant based on the terms of the grant agreement. This may be contingent on milestones and acquittal requirements detailed in your grant agreement.
  8. Acquittal - Defence will acquit grant activity in accordance with your grant agreement.

For more information please refer to: