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About Defence grants

Defence provides grants to support the achievement of Defence's strategic priorities to:

  • Defend Australia and its national interests; and
  • Protect and advance Australian strategic interests.

Defence issued grants are supported by legislative authority set out in Schedules 1AA and 1AB of the Financial Framework (Supplementary Powers) Regulations 1997 which provides the regulatory authority.

Where do I find more information on Defence Grants?

How can I apply for a Defence Grant?

All current Defence Grant Opportunities and their guidelines will be published on the Government grants portal 'GrantConnect'. The available information will include details of who can qualify to apply for each grant opportunity and will provide further guidance on how to make the application and how it will progress.

What type of grants are available?

Defence funds a rage of Defence Industry Grants which promote the development of innovative technologies to improve Australia's defence and national security capabilities, and support defence industry and research in Australia.

Defence also manages a number of specific grant programs, which look to support the Australian Defence Force personnel, their families and local communities and provide assistance for Defence research and policy. Further information on these grants can be found through the Government's Business Grant Hub or on each programs' webpage (where available):

Defence may also issue grants to individuals and entities who propose initiatives outside of the specified programs, these opportunities will be selected on merit and will need to meet Defence’s internal criterion. Defence will operate a biannual application process where individuals and entities will be invited to submit their applications for consideration. Further information on these grants and the application and assessment process in available on the Departments Other Defence grant webpage.

Can't find a grant for you?

Should you seek further advice on the Defence Grants Program, you may do so by contacting Defence at:

For more information please refer to: