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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

Propulsion Systems Integrity (PSI)

What We Do

The PSI section within DAVENG fulfils three mains roles:

  • PSI provides airworthiness oversight for all ADF aircraft propulsion systems as part of the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA).
  • PSI provides approved 21J products under the DAVENG MDOA AUS.DASA.21J.0010.
  • PSI s a SME for a wide range of propulsions related matters. This includes liaising with OEMs in technical matters, tailoring airworthiness codes, providing advice regarding the health of your PSIP and facilitating the ADF Propulsion System Symposium.

Propulsion System Engineering Course (Prop Sys Eng)

The course is aimed at engineers involved in ADF and civil processes for certifying new aero engines, or for those personnel who are managing in-service propulsion systems.

The course runs for 3 days, typically at RAAF Base Amberley.

Attendance at the course is free for Australian Defence Force personnel and Australian Public Service employees and at a cost for Industry participants.

Travel, meals and accommodation costs are the individual’s parent unit/organisation responsibility except for those RAAF personnel panelled on the course where some costs will be covered.

Further information on the course is available here

ADF Wear Debris Analysis

The PSI Section coordinates wear debris analysis (WDA) for ADF platforms through the ADF-WDA laboratory. More information on the conduct of WDA can be found here

ADF PSI Symposium

As circumstances permit, PSI will coordinate the ADF PSI Symposium.

The symposium is the only dedicated forum for military aero engines in Australasia. It is an excellent opportunity for organisations and personnel in the ADF aero engine community to meet and share their knowledge and experience.

The Symposium is open to all personnel involved in the acquisition and in-service management of ADF fixed- and rotary-wing propulsion systems, as well as interested representatives from foreign military forces, science and technology organisations, research and development centres, commercial propulsion organisations, non-aircraft propulsion systems organisations, and airworthiness regulators.

Registration for the ADF Propulsion Systems Symposium is free. The cost of travel, accommodation, and incidentals are the responsibility of the delegate's organisation.

Details of future PSI Symposiums will be published on this website under the ‘Education and Training’ section.


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Due to the Commercial-In-Confidence nature of the Propulsion Systems Integrity Plans, they are unable to be hosted on the DASA Internet website. Please contact the relevant PSI Manager or DASA PSI Desk officer if you require a copy of any of these PSIPs.