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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

Helicopter Structural Integrity (HSI)

What We Do

The HSI section within DAVENG fulfils four mains roles:

  • HSI provides airworthiness oversight for all ADF rotary wing aircraft as part of the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA).
  • HSI provides approved 21J products under the DAVENG MDOA AUS.DASA.21J.0010.
  • HSI maintains the Aircraft Structural Integrity Programs (ASIPs) for the Seahawk Romeo, Black Hawk and Chinook Foxtrot helicopters. The ASIP is typically documented in a Helicopter Aircraft Structural Integrity Management Plan (ASIMP).
  • HSI is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for a wide range of helicopter structural integrity related matters. This includes liaising with CAMOs/SPOs and OEMs in technical matters, tailoring and clarifying DASRs, providing advice regarding the contracted ASIPs and facilitating the ADF Helicopter Structural Integrity Familiarisation Course.

Helicopter Structural Integrity Familiarisation Course (HSEF)

The aim of the HSEF course is to provide participants with an understanding of helicopter structural design principles and the need for structural integrity management of ADF helicopters. Additionally the course aims to promote a greater awareness of relevant ADF airworthiness regulations, as well as roles and responsibilities.

The course is aimed at ADF, APS, DSTG and defence industry engineers involved in certification, design, repair or any other process pertaining to in-service (structural) management of ADF helicopters.

The course runs for 2 and a half days, alternating locations between Townsville, Brisbane, Nowra and Melbourne.

Attendance at the course is free for Australian Defence Force personnel and Australian Public Service employees and at a cost for industry participants.

Travel, meals and accommodation costs are the individual’s parent unit/organisations responsibility.

Further general information on the course is available here.


If you have questions about this topic please contact the Officer In Charge HSI at

For DASR queries please submit a DASR Query Form (DQF) Form 110 PDF-175KB

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Due to the Commercial-In-Confidence nature of the Aircraft Structural Integrity Plans, they are unable to be hosted on the DASA Internet website. Please contact the relevant HSI Manager or DASA HSI Desk officer if you require a copy of any of these ASIPs.