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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

DASA Events

Communication is important to the Authority to ensure its stakeholders are provided with the most up-to-date information and changes in a two-way exchange interface through a series of annual conferences and seminars. For general inquiries regarding DASA conferences and symposiums listed below, please email DASA Learning and Development Coordination Section.


International Convention of Aviation Regulation and Safety 2020

Formally known as IMARC 2016, the new and improved international aviation safety convention is now called ICARaS. The new name and theme is a collegial effort between management in DASA, focusing on aviation SMS and a healthy safety culture.

The ICARaS will be held in Melbourne on 1st & 2nd of September 2020 with the theme: How well we learn from our past accidents, determines how far we’ll go in aviation safety.

More information available soon.

European Defence Agency - Military Airworthiness Conference

The implementation of the DASR in Australia and recognition arrangements were acknowledged by the European Defence Agency at the Military Airworthiness Conference PDF-107KB held in Madrid, Spain on 26-27 Sep 18.  GPCAPT Joe Medved presented at the conference on the ‘Integration of US sourced military platforms into an EMAR-based airworthiness system’. 


Defence Aviation Software Symposium

The Defence Aviation Software Symposium PDF-755KB is sponsored by Design Technologies and Standards section, DIA-DASA. The symposium is the premier forum for military Aviation Software safety in Australasia. The theme for the 2019 Defence Aviation Software Symposium is ‘Software Assurance under DASRs: Challenges and Good Practice’ and will be held at Defence Plaza Melbourne in Melbourne CBD on 02 August 2019. The symposium is targeted at all Commonwealth and industry personnel involved in the development, acquisition, certification, and in-service management of Aviation Software for ADF applications; as well as interested representatives from foreign military forces, science and technology organisations, research and development centres, airworthiness regulators, and academia.  

Past Event presentations and information