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A. DASR - AAP 8000.011—Defence Aviation Safety Regulations

B. DASA DASR 66 IMPLEMENTATION - Newsbreak of 26 Sep 18 (Attached)


1.      There has been considerable effort and substantial progress transitioning the ADO to DASR 147: Aircraft Maintenance Training Organisations. The intent as we approach the end of transition is for DASA to work closely with regulated organisations to assist in achieving a smooth transition to compliance with Reference A.

2.      As DASR 147 Organisations are bedding down these changes, DASA wishes to advise the following:

a.       The Air Domain Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) approval has been issued and is now in operation;

b.      Head Quarters Air Force Training Group (HQAFTG) will manage the Air Domain MTO requirements to ensure they meet the DASR 147 regulations;

c.       CDR AFTG will be the Accountable Manager (AM) for the Air Domain MTO and is accountable for ensuring aviation maintenance training commitments can be carried out as described in the Air Domain MTOE

d.      The Director Learning Systems (DLS), HQAFTG will be appointed the Delegate of the Safety Authority (DoSA) responsible for the functions relating to the all ADF Aircraft Maintenance Training;

e.       The DASA endorsed Air Domain MTO Exposition encompasses all ADF units and contracted agencies that deliver military aviation maintenance training to ADF personnel;

f.        Organisations that provide aviation maintenance training to DASR 145 organisation(s) and do not train any ADF personnel will fall outside the scope of the Air Domain MTO and will become separate DASR 147 organisations;

g.      Organisations that have a recognised National Airworthiness Authority (NAA) / National Military Airworthiness Authority (NMAA) Part 147 approval will be recognised by DASA and listed on the DASA webpage; and

h.      Any ADF aviation maintenance training conducted under the existing approved training regimes will be considered acceptable in the interim until formal DASR 147 approvals have been granted. HQAFTG will continuously develop and manage the ADO maintenance training domain in accordance with Defence Learning Policy to meet the regulatory requirements.

i.        HQAFTG will convene an Air Domain MTO convocation shortly to discuss the way ahead for implementation of DASR 147 within the ADF.

3.      The Air Domain MTO POC is WGCDR Richard Launder, HQAFTG, on 03 9256 3167 or richard.launder@defence.gov.au.

4.      The DASA DASR 147 POC is Mr Charles Galea on 03 9282 7540 or charles.galea1@defence.gov.au.

5.      For further information, please refer to the following link:




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