Design Technologies and Standards Course Sessions 2019

DASA wishes to advise that aviation software and E3 training course sessions for 2019 have been published and welcomes nominations.


Aviation Software Certification (Introduction)

This course provides an overview of the unique considerations in the management and certification requirements of aviation software for Defence engineers and civilian equivalents.


Software Development Methods and Life Cycle Models (Intermediate)

This course provides Defence personnel and civilian equivalents with the knowledge and skills to analyse and review software development methods and software lifecycle models in support of a safety related aviation software acquisition or modification.


DO-178C Software Considerations In Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification (Intermediate)

The DO-178C course provides a detailed examination of the standard's objectives and how to comply with them. The course is aimed at software practitioners directly involved in airborne software engineering and software assurance.


Aviation Software Certification (Advanced)

This course provides a practical and detailed insight into acquiring and managing aviation software within the Defence Aviation Safety Regulation (DASR) framework. The course is aimed at Software Engineers within Military Design Organisations or Project Offices.


E3 Management For Maintainers Course

The course provides theory and practical instruction on E3 management for ELECTRs, SYSTECHs, SNCO Technicians and flight line personnel employed in aircraft maintenance, and other Service and civilian equivalents.


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