Changes at Defence Aviation Safety Authority

DASA wishes to advise that following a functional review a new organisational structure has been implemented in order to better define and reflect the roles and responsibilities of each DASA directorate:


-          Chief of Staff Directorate (COSD)

COSD-DASA is responsible for DASA strategy and business planning, business management system compliance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, learning and development strategy and planning, business supporting systems and services, workforce capability management and budget/financial management.


-          Airworthiness Coordination and Policy Agency (ACPA)

ACPA-DASA is responsible to facilitate the safe and effective conduct of military aviation through effective operational regulation and oversight.


-          Defence Flight Safety Bureau (DFSB)

DFSB-DASA is responsible to provide an independent aviation investigation capability and is the Centre of Expertise (CoE) for aviation safety within the Australian Defence Force (ADF).


-          Directorate of Initial Airworthiness (DIA)

DIA-DASA provides all Authority functions related to the Initial Airworthiness of manned and unmanned aircraft which includes: prescription, interpretation and promotion of Initial Airworthiness regulations and design standards, approval and oversight of military design organisations and holders of Military Type Certificates and issue of Military Type Certificates, and Supplemental Type Certificates and approval of major changes and Military Permits to Fly.

DIA-DASA also provides several Authority functions related to Defence aerodromes and heliports (both land-based and ship-based), which include: prescription, interpretation and promotion of aerodrome and heliport design requirements, provision of Authority recommendations for entry into flight trails for shipborne heliports and certification of Defence aerodromes and heliports. The remaining functions are provided by ACPA-DASA


-          Directorate of Continuing Airworthiness (DCA)

DCA-DASA is responsible for regulation development, education, oversight and enforcement for the conduct of aviation maintenance and production for ADF aircraft. The scope covers the following Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR) - maintenance (DASR 145), management (DASR M), training (DASR 147), aviation maintenance licences (DASR 66) and production (DASR 21G).


-          Directorate of Policy, Engagement, Promotions and Safety (DPEPS)

DPEPS-DASA is responsible for developing and promulgating safety management systems regulation and guidance and assurance of the same for design, production and maintenance organisations, recognition of Australian and foreign authorities, technical oversight of non-Defence registered aircraft, local and international engagement activities, and promotion of initial and continuing airworthiness and safety management system regulations.


-          Directorate of Aviation Engineering (DAVENG)

DAVENG –DASA provides specialist engineering advice and structural integrity services to Defence aviation as well as providing non-destructive testing, training and certification of technicians.



For further information on current structure and listing of all relevant contacts across the Agency, please refer to the DASA Functional Directory



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