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2019 DASA Roadshow Military Type Certificate Holder Obligations


DASA wishes to advise that the 2019 DASA Roadshow on Military Type Certificate Holder Obligations. The scope of the Roadshow is to provide the following information:


-          Obligations of the Holder Organisation

-          Support arrangements and the MTC Holder role

-          Oversight of the MTC Holder


The Roadshow is directed at personnel from the MTC Holder, supporting organisations and the operators of a platform. The Roadshow will be held at the following locations:


Date:                    Monday 25 March
Time:                    1300 1600 (Local Time at Amberley)
Location:              C-27 Training Facility, RAAF Base Amberley


Date:                    Wednesday 27 March
Time:                    1230 1500 (Local Time at Oakey)
Location:              AASPO Conference Room, Swartz Barracks


Date:                    Monday 01 April
Time:                    1300 1600 (Local Time at Newcastle)
Location:              Tex Watson Auditorium (EASTROC - Bld 536), RAAF Base Williamtown


Date:                    Thursday 04 April
Time:                    0830 1200 (Local Time at Richmond)
Location:              Richmond Base Cinema, RAAF Base Richmond


Date:                    Monday 15 April
Time:                    1300 1600 (Local Time at Adelaide)
Location:              Monash Centre (SA-EDN-833-Theatre), RAAF Base Edinburgh


Date:                    Wednesday 01 May
Time:                    1300 1600 (Local Time at East Sale)
Location:              1FTS Morning Briefing Room (ESL Bld 827 West - GF), RAAF Base East Sale


Date:                    Monday 06 May
Time:                    1300 1600 (Local Time at Canberra)
Location:              F2 Theatrette, Fairbairn


Date:                    Thursday 09 May
Time:                    0900 1200 (Local Time at Nowra)
Location:              725/816 Sqn Theatrette, HMAS Albatross


Everyone interested in the topic is invited to attend, however seating may be limited due to the venue.

Slides from these presentations will be available after the Roadshow on the DASA website: http://www.defence.gov.au/DASP/DASR-Regulations/DASRPresentations.asp


For further information, please email dasa.typecert@defence.gov.au.



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