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Reporting Qualifications to the DASA (DASR 147.A.139)


BLUF: DASR 147.A.139 will be removed from the regulations. This will become effective in the Oct 19 DASR update.


DASR147.A.139 requires MTO's to provide copies of issued certificates to the DASA (or with PMKeyS, the course name, PMKeyS proficiency number and a list of graduates; i.e. a Course Terminal Report)) within four weeks of issuing the proficiency.


PMKeyS is the approved Defence repository for recording proficiencies, the following obligations will replace the DASR 147.A.139 requirement:


a.       All DASR 66 Licence related training outcomes obtained within the Air Domain MTO will be entered into PMKeyS by the Air Domain approved training unit within four weeks of issuing the proficiency:

b.      Any DASR 66 Licence related training outcome gained by ADF/APS members external to the Air Domain MTO should also be entered into PMKeyS;

c.       For Commercial Organisations, any DASR 66 Licence related training outcome gained external to the Air Domain MTO must be retained by the MTO supplied to the authority as requested.


The Air Domain MTO POC is WGCDR Richard Launder, HQAFTG, on 03 9256 3167 or richard.launder@defence.gov.au.

The DASA DASR 147 POC is Mr Charles Galea on 03 9282 7540 or charles.galea1@defence.gov.au.


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