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DASA has released the 2017 edition of the Defence Aviation Safety Health Assessment (DASHA). It has been published electronically only and has been protectively marked, ‘For Official Use Only’. It is therefore only available on the Defence Protected Network at: http://drnet/DASA/Pages/Compliance-DASHA.aspx.


The DASHA fulfils the requirement in Joint Directive 24/2016 The Defence aviation safety framework, for the Defence AA to report Defence’s aviation safety performance to the Secretary and Chief of Defence Force annually.


The 2017 DASHA is the ninth edition and represents the culmination of 12 months of safety intelligence collection and analysis by DASA. The DASHA provides commanders and managers, along with the aviation community, a consolidated view of the Defence Aviation Safety Program’s (DASP’s) performance.


DASA’s overarching assessment is that the DASP continues to be effective for enabling the safe and effective generation of Defence aviation capability. Nonetheless, commanders and managers must ensure that their organisations are primed to identify new hazards and risks within their safety management systems, as part of their accountability to eliminate or otherwise minimise risks so far as reasonably practicable.


Feedback on the report, including suggestions for improvement, is welcomed and should be addressed to the DASA registry, for the attention of Deputy Director Safety Assurance in DASA–ACPA:


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