DASR 66 Module 10: Aviation Legislation


DASA wishes to advise that DASR 66 Module 10 Course: Aviation Legislation has now been released.


DASA have issued ADF draft MAMLs and in the process of developing contractor MAMLs. This will provide an opportunity to correct errors with a caveat that the licence will be not be issued by the Authority if Module 10 has not been completed by 30Sep18. Licence holders in maintenance organisations, are to undertake this training, either via briefing(s) and/or via self-study:

i.                     for military staff holding draft licences by 01 Aug 18;

ii.                   for contractor staff holding draft licences by 30 Sep 18


Recognition of Prior Learning for Module 10 will be given if a licence holder has completed the following:

i.                     All DASR Practitioner Courses (DASR 66+145+M+21), or

ii.                   CASA MOD 10 (MEA111/MEA119) + DASR 66 Practitioner + DASR 145 Practitioner, or

iii.                 ADF SG3 Rated Course (CPL Sub4 / TSPC / LSATT) + DASR 66 Practitioner + DASR 145 Practitioner.


The Module 10 mandatory training package is available on the website (DASR 66 Module 10 Aviation Legislation).


RMs are expected to arrange the delivery of this training at a scheduled training day and report completions on PMKeys (PMKeyS, course code is 216469 and Proficiency P124930). RMs who do not have access to the DRN (contractors), are to provide DASA with the following details: name; organisation; date completed and employee ID of those who have completed the training and email to


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