As the DASR 66 licence transition date of 30 September 2018 is imminent, the following guidance is provided in relation to how Military Aircraft Maintenance Licences (MAML) including issues/exclusions will be assessed and/or reviewed by DASA post 30 September 2018.


-          All DASR 66 Licence applications submitted to DASA prior to 30 September 2018 will be managed under the current transitional provisional arrangements. Note that the DASR 66 Teamís focus is to assess initial MAML applications for all organisations by this date and any reissues/updated licences will not be issued until after 30 September.


-          Any DASR 66 Licence applications submitted to DASA post 30 September 2018 will need to be supported with sufficient justification so that they can be managed under the existing transitional arrangements.


-          Where organisations have staff that have received licences with exclusion/s or have licencing issues that may affect their ability to meet their maintenance capability, they must submit a remediation plan to the relevant DASA DAVCOMP Desk Officer by 14 October 2018. This plan should outline the concerns and propose remedial actions. The DASA DAVCOMP Desk Officer will then determine a mutually agreeable program to address the concerns.


-          Further, organisations that have self-assessed that they have inadequate licenced staff should contact their DASA DAVCOMP Desk Officer to discuss how oversight activities performed by DASA will be tailored during the remediation period.


Any Oversight and Enforcement activities for licensing will be limited to mentoring and coaching until an oversight model has been implemented for DASR 66 compliance.


The DASR 66 POC is Mr Charles Galea on 03 9282 7540 or


For further information, please refer to the following link:



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