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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

The Defence Aviation Safety Authority

In accordance with Joint Directive 24/2016 The Defence Aviation Safety Framework PDF-237KB, the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) is responsible for enhancing and promoting the safety of military aviation. This objective is primarily achieved through implementation of a Defence Aviation Safety Program (DASP) that supports compliance with statutory safety obligations and assures the effective management of aviation safety risks.

Joint Directive 04/2018 PDF-326KB has now been released which extends the validity of Joint Directive 24/2016 to 31 December 2021.

DASA Vision

Capability First, Safety Always.

DASA Mission

Support Aviation Commanders and Assure a Credible and Defensible Level of Aviation Safety.

DASA Executive Director Biographies

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DASA Business Model - Command Arrangements
Figure 1

  • Airworthiness Coordination and Policy Agency (ACPA) - Airworthiness Policy and Coordination Agency (ACPA) is a tri-service organisation within Air Force Headquarters that exists to facilitate the safe and effective conduct of military aviation through effective operational regulation and oversight.

  • Defence Flight Safety Bureau (DFSB) - The Defence Flight Safety Bureau is accountable to the Chief of Air Force in his capacity as the Defence Aviation Authority for the strategic management of flight safety in Defence. The Bureau provides Defence with independent aviation investigation, research and analysis, safety training and safety promotion capabilities. Accordingly, DFSB is the centre of expertise for flight safety within Defence.

  • Directorate of Initial Airworthiness (DIA-DASA) – DIA-DASA provides all Authority functions related to the Initial Airworthiness of manned and unmanned aircraft which includes; prescription, interpretation and promotion of Initial Airworthiness regulations and design standards, approval and oversight of military design organisations and holders of Military Type Certificates and issue of Military Type Certificates, and Supplemental Type Certificates and approval of major changes and Military Permits to Fly.

    DIA-DASA also provides several Authority functions related to Defence aerodromes and heliports (both land-based and ship-based), which include; prescription, interpretation and promotion of aerodrome and heliport design requirements, provision of authority recommendations for entry into flight trails for shipborne heliports and certification of Defence aerodromes and heliports. The remaining functions are provided by ACPA-DASA.

  • Directorate of Aviation (Specialist) Engineering (DAVENG-DASA) – DAVENG–DASA provides specialist engineering advice and structural integrity services to Defence aviation as well as providing non-destructive testing, training and certification of technicians.

  • Directorate of Continuing Airworthiness   (DCA-DASA) –  DCA-DASA is responsible for assessing compliance of  part M and part 145 organisations, excluding Military Air Operators, against DASR requirements.

  • Directorate of Policy, Engagement, Promotions and Safety (DPEPS-DASA) – DPEPS-DASA is responsible for developing and promulgating safety management systems regulation and guidance and assurance of the same for design, production and maintenance organisations, recognition of Australian and foreign authorities, oversight of non Defence registered aircraft, local and international engagement activities and promotions of initial and continuing airworthiness and safety management system regulations.

  • Chief of Staff Directorate (COSD-DASA) – COSD-DASA is responsible for business planning, the performance management framework, within a certified AS/NZS ISO 9001 management system, and for management and control of business services and support functions.

  • Delegate of the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DoSA) PDF-375KB - The Delegate of the Defence Aviation Safety Authority (hereafter referred to as DoSA) is an individual authority given by the DG DASA.

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