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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

DASR 66 - Military Aircraft Maintenance Licence

The Defence Airworthiness Safety Regulations (DASR) will include DASR 66 - Military Aircraft Maintenance Licensing permits Defence personnel who hold a Military Aircraft Maintenance License (MAML) to issue Certificates of Release to Service. This regulation is based on the European Military Airworthiness Requirement Part 66 (EMAR Pt 66), but adapted to suit the Australian military maintenance environment.

DASR Training

Courses for DASR training are located on the DASA Training Page.


DASR 66 identifies the skills and knowledge requirements for each licence category (refer below) by syllabi. DASA have mapped initial trade training and technical, promotion-related courses (eg Trade Principles Supervisor course, LSATT, CPL Sub 4 etc) against these syllabi.
The license syllabi for licenses are not directly aligned to current trades. An ATECH/ECN411/ATA, for example specialises in airframes and engines, but has limited expertise in electrical systems maintenance. Similarly, an AVTECH/ ECN412/ATV is an expert in electrical and avionics systems but not in engines. Both trades would be eligible for B1 licenses, but the licenses will have exclusions for those systems in which there are skills and knowledge gaps (eg the ATECH/ECN411/ATA would have an electrical systems license exclusion). Further, the AVTECH/ ECN412/ATV would have so many exclusions against a B1 licence that it would have no use in practice.

The MAML is an attestation that the holder has met the DASR 66 knowledge and experience requirements, but does not entitle the holder to issue a CRS.
  1. In order to obtain a DASR 66 MAML and applicant needs:
    1. Basic Knowledge (DASR 66.A.25): and
    2. Basic Experience (DASR 66.A.30)

To enable the MAML holder to issue a CRS, the licence must have a specific Aircraft Type rating and the holder must be authorised by the Quality Manager to operate within their approved quality system.  In order to obtain a Type rating, an applicant needs:

  1. Type Training (Theory & Practical) (DASR 66.A.45): and
  2. OJT for first TR (DASR 66.A.45)

Licence Categories

There are four basic licence categories:
  1. Category A – for minor scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, which equates approximately to flight line maintenance.

The Category A licence is a non-type rated licence and the privileges of a Category A licence are not applicable to Base maintenance.

  1. Category B1 - covers scheduled and unscheduled airframe, engine, structures, mechanical systems and electrical maintenance which is more complex than typical flight line maintenance. The B1 license also permits minor avionics maintenance (eg 'black box' changes, where no specialised GSE/GTE is required).
  2. Category B2 - covers complex avionics maintenance and scheduled and unscheduled electrical maintenance.

The Category B1 and B2 licences are aircraft type-rated licences and permit the holder to certify the release to service only of aircraft types that are endorsed as ratings on their licence.

  1. Category C - is required for personnel who issue the Certificate of Release to Service following complex maintenance.

The Category C licence is an aircraft type-rated licence and permits the holder to issue the certificate of release to service of an aircraft following Base maintenance.

Contractor Workforce Licence Application Guidance

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