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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

Advisory Circulars (ACs)

ACs that do not have a hyerlink are either protected (only available on DRN) or cancelled. If you wish to access these ACs please contact the respective POC indicated in the table below.

AC Number Title Date Issued Sponsor POC Comments
004/2020 Transition to DASR.139 Aerodromes PDF-998KB 10 Apr 20 DASA DASA  
002/2020 Aircrew Training PDF-494KB Mar 20 ACPA DACPA  
001/2020 Risk Management in MPTF Applications PDF-623KB Apr 20 DASA DASA  
004/2019 Aircrew Fatigue Management 13 Aug 19 ACPA DACPA Only available on DRN
003/2019 Aircrew Licencing 28 Mar 19 ACPA DACPA Cancelled
009/2018 Addressing Service Release Requirements under DASR PDF-291KB 16 Oct 18 DASA DASA  
008/2018 Acceptance of Aircraft Components PDF-1465KB 21 Sep 18 DASA DASA  
007/2018 Line and Base Maintenance PDF-485KB 21 Sep 18 DASA DASA  
006/2018 Certificate of Release to Service Responsibilities For Maintenance Organisations and CAMOs PDF-494KB 21 Sep 18 DASA DASA  
005/2018 Management of Defects 26 Sep 18 DASA DASA Cancelled
004/2018 Airworthiness Recognition in the DASP PDF-624KB 21 Sep 18 DASA DASA  
003/2018 Risk Management in the DASP PDF-1128KB 24 Sep 18 DASA DASA  
002/2018 Application For Military Type Certificates and Major Design Changes PDF-588KB 24 Sep 18 DASA DASA  
001/2018 Risk Controls For UAS Operations PDF-687KB 23 Mar 18 DASA DASA  
006/2017 Military Type Certificate Holder Arrangements PDF-443KB 09 Oct 17 DASA DASA  
005/2017 Authorisation of Flight for Non-Standard Changes to Configuration, Role and Environment 12 Sep 17 DASA DASA Superseded by AC 005/2018
003/2017 DASR Implementation of Military Permits to Fly PDF-254KB 16 Oct 17 DASA DASA  
002/2017 Flight in Airspace with Volcanic Ash Contamination PDF-229KB 01 Jul 17 DASA DASA Supersedes TAAC 02/2012


DASR Transitional Guidance 23 Jun 17 DAA DASA Cancelled


Defence Compliance with Civil ADS-B and PBN Requirements PDF-87KB 30 Sep 16 DAA DACPA  


Obstacle Data Considerations and Runway Displaced Thresholds PDF-468KB 18 Nov 16 DAA DACPA  


Aviation Command Responsibilities under DASR PDF-224KB 05 Sep 16 ACPA DACPA  

001/2016 Rev 1

Airworthiness Nomenclature under DASR PDF-77KB

17 Aug 17 ACPA DACPA  

Defence Aviation Authority Directives, Airworthiness Directives and Advisory Circulars (released prior to Aug 16)

Defence Aviation Authority Directives (DAADs)

Airworthiness Directives

Advisory Circulars (ACs) released prior to Aug 16