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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

Technical Airworthiness Advisory Circulars (TAAC)

A TAAC is primarily used to provide formal communication of important Technical Airworthiness information or guidance to a broad stakeholder audience. Compliance or action IAW with any recommendation contained within a TAAC is not mandatory. Some examples are:

  • An issue arising from an airworthiness board that highlights a potential systemic Technical Airworthiness problem or misinterpretation,
  • Numerous approaches from stakeholders, highlighting a need for issue of improved guidance ahead of a TAMM AL action; and
  • Where additional detailed guidance on the TAMM is warranted
Cancelled TAACs
TAAC Title Effective Date
03/2016 Transition of Design Acceptance Function and DAR role to DASR PDF-1698KB Nov 17
02/2016 DASR Transitional Guidance PDF-1550KB 23 Jun 17
01/2016 Exercising 'Reasonable Knowledge' In Aircraft Design PDF-982KB Nov 17
04/2015 Using Correct Standards for Aviator Grade Oxygen and other Aviation Gases PDF-615KB Nov 17
03/2015 Engineering Management System PDF-8441KB 13 Sep 16
02/2015 Definition of Replenishment and its Role in Maintenance PDF-659KB Nov 17
01/2015 Use of EMAR 145 as Alternative AMO Acceptable Means of Compliance PDF-2584KB Nov 17
01/2014 Non-Defence Registered Aircraft PDF-828KB Nov 17
02/2013 Use of Design Support Network PDF-288KB 13 Sep 16
01/2013 Independent Maintenance Inspections PDF-213KB 28 May 14
07/2012 Authorisation Requirements at Approved Maintenance OrganisationsPDF-278KB 18 Sep 13
06/2012 Processing Significant Changes to Aircraft Store Configurations PDF-386KB 17 Aug 12
05/2012 Eligibility Requirements for Airworthiness Standards and Design Acceptance PDF-580KB 24 Feb 14
04/2012 Maintenance Certification Requirements at Approved Maintenance Organisations PDF-281KB 18 Sep 13
03/2012 Use of Single Signature Tasks at Approved Maintenance Organisations PDF-274KB 28 May 14
02/2012 Volcanic Ash Operations PDF-761KB 20 Jul 17
01/2012 Implementation of a Management Framework For Nonstate-
Registered Aircraft Used for Defence Aviation Purposes
29 Sep 15

Related guidance and rules: TAREG 1.1.5 – Technical Airworthiness Directives and Technical Airworthiness Advisory Circulars.

If you require further support, please contact DASA-TCS.

Pre-DASR historic AACs are listed below:

Cancelled AACs
AAC Title Effective Date
002/2015 Release of FDR and CVR Information -
001/2015 Defence Long Range Operations -
002/2013 Risk Based Airworthiness Board Conduct -
001/2013 Consolidation of CNS/ATM Implementation Guidance -
001/2012 Revised Defence Aircraft Crash Protection Policy -
001/2008 Airworthiness Management Planning Documents -
003/2007 UAS Operations -
002/2007 Suspension of Flying -
001/2007 Cancellation of AD 009/2005 -