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Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG)

Defence ICT Strategy 2016 - 2020

Defence ICT Strategic Direction 2016 - 2020 image

ICT is a key enabler that allows Defence to perform its core business – defending Australia and its national interests. ICT helps to offset the relatively small size of the ADF, providing a war fighting advantage. Both the Defence White Paper and the First Principles Review emphasise the need for a modern and efficient ICT infrastructure. Over the next five years a substantial investment will be made in improving Defence ICT.

The Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) is committed to deliver on this investment.

In response to these requirements, CIOG is introducing an ICT strategy in the form of the Defence Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategic Direction 2016-2020 (2.45 Mb - PDF).

CIOG is undertaking an information transformation which will take Defence from an infrastructure-centric approach to ICT, to an information-centric approach. In partnership with the Groups and Services we are introducing significant new capabilities and new ways of working.

This strategy reflects the increased demands on ICT across Defence, the focus on information, the evolving technology landscape, and changes in the way ICT services are delivered.

To meet these challenges, CIOG’s priorities are to:

  • protect and secure Defence information and the information environment, and provide Defence with accurate information for decision-making and military interoperability through reliable enterprise-wide information management
  • develop and implement a road map to standardise business processes, information and their supporting applications to improve Defence effectiveness and efficiency
  • manage and deliver reliable ICT services across fixed, deployed, and mobile environments that provide Defence an operational advantage and enables integrated joint and combined operations with global partners, and
  • secure and manage Defence ICT capabilities, workforce and resources for the future.

By focusing on these key areas, CIOG will drive major improvements in the way ICT supports Defence in defending the nation, delivering value to the taxpayer and fulfilling the mission set for us by government.