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Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG)

Doing business with CIOG

How to engage with CIOG for business opportunities

CIOG engages broadly with Industry to develop and support ICT systems that provide capability and solutions to the Defence community, but more importantly, to support Defence operations. CIOG is transforming Industry engagement from numerous contract-based interactions to fewer, deeper and more strategic partnerships.

As a service delivery organisation that works closely with a contracted workforce to deliver ICT support to Defence, it is important for CIOG to be responsive to the changing needs of its customer base.

To engage with CIOG, it is important that Industry has an understanding of CIOG’s accountability and compliance obligations in relation to:

  • procurement policy, processes and practices including protocols for decision making and contract management
  • tendering and contracting templates (including statement of work and quotations under standing offer panel arrangements)
  • documentation requirements and disclosure obligations
  • protocols for procurement complaints handling, stakeholder consultation and management
  • protocols for security and safety management
  • ethics, probity, and risk management.

CIOG must ensure ‘proper use’ of Commonwealth resources and achieve value for money outcomes within the Commonwealth’s resource management framework and procurement policy framework. CIOG seeks to ensure procurement processes are commensurate with the scale, scope and risk of the business requirement

CIOG acknowledges that Industry needs to know the Group’s strategic priorities and forthcoming opportunities. To meet this requirement, CIOG will publish its open approaches to market on the AusTender website. CIOG may also use other appropriate channels to inform and engage Industry on ICT initiatives.

To further expose products and capabilities across Defence, Defence Industry can access established channels such as the Unsolicited Innovative Proposals (UIP) and Unsolicited Promotional Product Offers (UPPO) schemes. Information on the UIP and UPPO processes can be found at Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group website for Industry website.

Whole of Government ICT Procurement Context

CIOG ensures efficient and effective engagement between Defence and other Government agencies on ICT issues relating to strategy, policy and approaches in service delivery and performance. We aim to achieve this by:

  • regularly engaging with the Department of Finance
  • representing Defence’s interests on inter-departmental committees.

For further information, please email CIOG Procurement Advice or download our Doing Business With CIOG - Opportunities for Industry (PDF, 1.3 Mb).