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Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group

Enhanced Gap Crossing Capability

Project Number:
LAND 155 Phase 1

Australian Army

Land and Vehicles

Project description

This project provides land forces with the ability to cross a range of wet and dry gaps in support of combat operations, and comprises combat bridging that will remain in place for a limited time and can then be redeployed to maintain support to the manoeuvre force.

The new capability includes: 

  • Floating Bridge System
  • Modular Bridging System
  • Rapid Emplacement Bridges
  • Footbridge

This project also included the Life of Type Extension (upgrade) of Army's existing Bridge Erection Propulsion Boats.

The project has delivered all the capability requirements and declaration of Final Operational Capability is pending. It Is expected that the LAND 155 project will then be closed.

Content is current as at July 2019.

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