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Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group

Advanced Growler Airborne Electronic Attack Capability

Project Number:
AIR 5349 Phase 6

Royal Australian Air Force


Project description

AIR5349 Phase 6 will introduce into Air Force service a number of enhancements to the Airborne Electronic Attack Capability (AEAC), including upgrades to the Electronic Warfare (EW) capability of the EA-18G Growler aircraft. These upgrades, such as the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ), will ensure Air Force’s desired outcome of a fully capable and fully interoperable United States Navy (USN) common EA-18G is achieved; and that it is able to successfully conduct combined AEA operations.

The upgrades for the AIR5349 Phase 6 Project will include enhancements to the EA-18G platform as well as those Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC) implemented under AIR5349 Phase 3 – Growler AEA Capability.

The Project is in the process of executing a Government to Government Cooperative Project to acquire the NGJ. On-going logistics support of the NGJ is likely to be constrained by the US Government due to the security associated with the technology and requires further engagement with the USN. Other EA-18G platform and off-platform enhancements are likely to be executed using existing commercial arrangements established under Phase 3 – Growler AEA Capability.

Approximate Investment Value: $5bn to $6bn

Program Timeframe: 2016-2035


Achieved / Forecast

Project Year of Commencement


In Service Date


Initial Operational Capability


Final Operational Capability (FOC)


Industry Partners include Raytheon US for the Next Generation Jammer, Mid Band Engineering Manufacturing and Development.

Content is current as at September 2017.

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