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Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group

New to Defence

This page provides information and support for companies who are not familiar with doing business with Defence.

On this page:

Why sell to Defence?

The Defence Industry Policy Statement released with the Defence White Paper in 2016 acknowledges the fundamental contribution that Australian industry provides to defence capability. The Defence Industry Policy statement refocuses Defence’s relationship with Australian industry to support the plans in the Defence White Paper.

Defence is keen to support businesses of all sizes right across Australia, including regional and remote areas, and overseas. Defence is a large potential market for many types of business.

Defence is governed by structured processes for buying goods and services. Building a better working relationship between Defence and suppliers is at the heart of changes to processes aimed at making selling to Defence easier.

Introduction to Defence market

The Australian Defence industry includes all businesses and organisations that provide products or services or are developing products or services that have a specific application for Defence. Australian Industry is recognised as a fundamental input to capability, reflecting the importance of industry in Defence capability planning.

It is important to understand which area your products and/or services fit so that you can find the right opportunity for your organisation.

  • Acquisition procurements require goods and services that can be integrated into Defence platforms or used by Defence personnel on operations. Prime contractors are engaged by Defence on long-term contracts with possible sub-contracting opportunities for businesses.
  • Sustainment procurements relate to ongoing servicing, maintenance, upkeep and repair of current Defence capabilities and platforms.
  • Commercial procurements cover a range of non-materiel goods and services provided to Defence such as health services, logistics services, training, travel, information technology, stationery and personal protective equipment.
  • Procurement of Defence estate management and infrastructure services refers to the maintenance of Defence facilities, establishments and training areas, and a range of construction services.
  • Innovative technology procurements in Defence seeks innovation proposals aligned with the six Defence capability streams identified in the Integrated Investment Program. More information about Defence’s approach to supporting innovation from Australian industry is in the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) website.

If your business is looking to enter the Defence market, you need to understand the existing and upcoming Defence projectsto find and participate in all types of Defence procurement.

Who in Defence buys or engages industry?

Defence offers plenty of business opportunities. Here are the business areas in Defence that conduct business with industry or engage industry:

  • Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group

    The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) aims to be the premier program management, logistics, procurement and engineering services group in Defence. To deliver this vision, CASG has a number of key goals which include improving industry relationships and industry performance. This means it encourages open and honest dialogue and rewards good performance.

    CASG is committed to effectively delivering capability and through-life sustainment on time, on budget and to the required capability, while meeting quality and safety standards. CASG aims to be business-like, accountable and an outcome driven organisation with a strong and close relationship with government and industry. Read more about why you should do business with CASG.

  • Chief Information Officer Group

    Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) engages broadly with industry to develop and support ICT systems that provide support to Defence operations and provide capability and solutions to the Defence community.

    CIOG as a service delivery organisation works closely with a contracted workforce to deliver ICT support to Defence. Effective contracting arrangements enable CIOG to be responsive to the changing needs of its customer base. Read more about how to engage with CIOG for business opportunities…

  • Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group

    Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group (E&IG) responsibilities include supporting the ADF and the Department of Defence through the provision of personnel administration and related functions such as ADF housing, financial and travel services, and contracts that provide catering, cleaning and grounds maintenance services.

    E&IG manages and sustains the Defence estate of land, buildings and infrastructure, including managing contracts for the construction of new major facilities and the repairs and maintenance of existing facilities, as well as the disposal of excess properties and environmental heritage policy. Read more about a guide to doing business with EI&G.

  • Defence Science and Technology Group

    Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) is a national leader in safeguarding Australia by delivering valued scientific advice and innovative solutions for Defence and national security. DST Group welcomes opportunities to collaborate with industry including small to medium enterprises (SMEs) undertaking research that may be of interest to Defence. Read more about DSTG's industry collaboration.

  • Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

    Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group (SP&IG) provides strategic advice, policy and intelligence to enable defence capability and national security priorities and supports strengthened decision-making in Defence. Read more about SP&IG's Industry Programs.

  • Joint Capabilities Group

    The Joint Capabilities Group (JCG) is responsible for the provision of Joint Health, Logistics, Education and Training, and Information Warfare. JCG also manages agreed Joint projects, and their sustainment, to support joint capability requirements. Read more about JCG's Commands and Divisions.

Encouraging indigenous business

Defence supports the stimulation of indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, providing indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy through the award of Commonwealth government contracts. Defence encourages indigenous businesses to apply for business opportunities with Defence. Prior to approaching the market, Defence officials determine whether the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) applies to the procurement and if so comply with the IPP as per the Defence Procurement Policy Directive in the Defence Procurement Policy Manual.

If you are an indigenous business, read the Guide 3: Indigenous Businesses released by the National Indigenous Australians Agency for what steps should your business take to win government contracts.

Professionalising Defence industry

Defence is committed to the ongoing professionalisation of Defence industry. Defence provides a number of programs to assist in skilling the Defence industry, create pathways and address skills capability gaps.

Are you ready to do business with Defence?

To ensure you are ready to work with Defence, you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the basic information in the Department of Finance’s guide to selling before pursuing opportunities to supply to Defence.

Generally, you can find Defence business opportunities on the AusTender website including planned procurements. In addition, business advisers from Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) can assist businesses navigate the defence marketplace and identify domestic opportunities to work with prime contractors or Defence, or facilitate international and export opportunities. Advisers can also assist Australian businesses to connect with industry programs.