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New Properties

Air Force opposes new residential development around our bases because it exposes new homeowners to aircraft noise, and may limit opportunities to mitigate against noise impacts in the future.

Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) maps are one way that Defence advises councils and the community that locations will be affected by aircraft noise; and protect our bases against encroachment by new developments.

ANEF maps provide a forecast of noise for a future year, made by both civilian and military aircraft. Inappropriate development inside ANEF maps zones exposes new homeowners to aircraft noise.

They do not show every flight and homeowners with properties outside of the ANEF map zones may still experience aircraft noise.

One way Air Force reduces aircraft noise around our bases is to reduce flights over existing, heavily populated, residential areas. It is unreasonable to expect Air Force to reduce the noise impact for homeowners that knowingly purchase properties within ANEF zones deemed unsuitable for residential housing by the relevant Australian Standards.