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Flying Operations of the Hawk 127

The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the introduction into service of the Hawk 127 lead-in fighter at RAAF Base Williamtown and Salt Ash Air Weapons Range was prepared in 2002.

Draft Hawk 127 lead-in fighter Environmental Impact Statement
Appendix A: Correspondence between Environment Australia and Department of Defence
Appendix B: Guidelines for the preparation of the EIS
Appendix C: Salt Ash Air Weapons Range Relocation Options Study
Appendix D: Salt Ash Air Weapons Range – Management Study
Appendix E: Williamtown RAAF Base and Salt Ash Air Weapons Range Noise Study – Hawk lead-in fighter
Appendix F: Public Safety Risk Assessment
Appendix G: Human Health Risk Assessment
Appendix H: Hawk lead-in fighter Noise Impact Study – Salt Ash Air Weapons Range

Following a period of community consultation, a supplementary report was prepared to address the submissions and comments received during the exhibition period.

Executive Summary: Supplementary Report
Supplementary Report
Supplementary Report Appendices

The Supplementary Report and the Draft EIS together constitute the Environmental Impact Statement.


Following a period of consultation, 25 conditions were agreed between the Minister for Defence and the Minister for Environment and Water Resources, in accordance with the Environmental Protection (Impact of Proposals) Act 1974 (Note: this act has since been replaced by the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act)

These conditions are referred to as environmental commitments that Defence will incorporate into the RAAF Base Williamtown and Salt Ash Air Weapons Range Environmental Management System.  As part of its obligations to comply with the Conditions of Consent, Defence is, or has, implemented 25 conditions.

Air Force News: Hawk gets go-ahead (6 November 2003)

Aircraft Noise

To monitor and record the noise impact of aircraft operations at military airfields, the Department of Defence installed the Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System (NFPMS) at RAAF Base Williamtown. Results of the noise and flight path monitoring is published in both quarterly and annual reports.

You can also view the RAAF Base Williamtown Aircraft Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) map or make an aircraft noise enquiry.