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Australian Defence Force Academy

UNSW Canberra Applications

To be selected for ADFA, you will need to submit two applications - one to join the Australian Defence Force as an Officer in the Navy, Army or Air Force, and one to attend the University of New South Wales.

Undergraduate Programs

UNSW Canberra offers a range of three and four year undergraduate degrees in Arts, Business, Engineering, Science and Information Technology. Cadets enroll in and attend a range of classes over two sessions each year, and will study, complete assignments and sit exams in order to meet the requirements of their degree.

Detailed information on each of the undergraduate degrees offered by UNSW Canberra can be found in the ADFA Handbook, available from Student Administrative Services.

UNSW Canberra also offers a range of postgraduate study opportunities.

Feamle cadet using lathe

Warmen competition entrants