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Australian Defence Force Academy

Single Service Training

Single Service Training is generally conducted at the beginning and end of each year an gives midshipmen and officer cadets the opportunity to experience and learn about their parent Service. Each of the Services are responsible for designing and implementing the Single Service Training Program.


On joining the Royal Australian Navy, most midshipmen complete six months initial officer training at HMAS Creswell at Jervis Bay. This is then followed by a six-month consolidation period in the fleet. With the exception of Navy Pilots and Observers who go directly to the Australian Defence Force Academy, midshipmen commence at the Academy in their second year in the Navy. Single Service training for midshipmen during their time at the Academy encompasses visits to shore establishments and time at sea to gain an appreciation of shipboard life.


Army officer cadets undertake their Single Service training at the Royal Military College –Duntroon in Canberra as well as other Army establishments in New South Wales and Victoria. The training includes weapon handling, field craft navigation and platoon level tactics.

Air Force

Air Force officer cadets undertake their Single Service training following the Royal Australian Air Force Junior Officers Initial Course program. The training includes general knowledge about Air Force, ground defence and air power knowledge. There are elements of the training to assist in motivating the officer cadet towards their chosen branch of the Air Force..

Single Service Training Army

Single Service Training Navy

Single Service Training Army