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Australian Defence Force Academy

Academy Military Education and Training

Academy Military Education and Training is programmed at the beginning and end of each year and for six hours each week during academic sessions. There is significant emphasis on creating experience-based leadership opportunities in the training activities.

Leadership Studies

Formal and informal leadership studies form a large part of the Academy Military Education and Training curriculum. Leadership Studies aims to develop leadership skills and to prepare cadets to take their places as junior officers in the Australian Defence Force.

Drill and Ceremonial

Promotes reaction to command, self-discipline and teamwork through knowledge and practice of the customs and traditions of military ceremonies.

Military Communication

Designed to develop cadet confidence and effectiveness in oral and written communication skills, which is necessary for their military careers. It also introduces cadets to the style and forms of written communication used in the Australian Defence Organisation.

Equity and Diversity

Provides officer cadets and midshipmen with the skills to live, study and develop in a healthy academic and social environment by teaching them how to treat people fairly and with respect in accordance with Australian Defence Force policies.

First Aid and Health

Examines the impact on society of drug and alcohol abuse and teaches first aid and preventative health techniques.

Military Law

Introduces officer cadets and midshipmen to the Defence Force Discipline Act and the Geneva conventions. This subject is designed to enable cadets to function in the Academy environment. More detailed training is provided nearer the time of their commissioning.

Physical and Recreational Training

Teaches fitness, strength and agility. As a high standard of physical fitness is an important part of Service life, officer cadets and midshipmen are encouraged to obtain a coaching or refereeing qualification for at least one sport. Competitions in a wide range of sports are conducted at the Academy and teams are entered in many civilian competitions in Canberra.

Weapon Training

Gives officer cadets and midshipmen training in the operation and maintenance of small arms Service weapons.

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weapons training

Field craft

Field craft