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Australian Defence Force Academy

Rowing Club

The ADFA Rowing Club develops rowers to be the best oarsmen and women they can be. The ADFA Rowing Club offers members a supportive culture that strives to advance skill, encourage fitness and have fun.

The Rowing Club caters for rowers with experience by providing a strong competitive program that offers opportunities to race across Australia. For members with no experience, the novice program is there to teach the basics and develop novices into competitive rowers. For those just wanting to enjoy some time on the water, there is a social program tailored for members who enjoy rowing but don’t want to take it to the next level and compete.

The ADFA Rowing has three main regattas throughout the year. The Edward Trickett Regatta in Sydney gives the ADFA Rowers their first taste of competition for the year, going up against numerous NSW clubs and universities. University Games is held annually and lets the ADFA Rowers socialise with civilian universities while conducting some warm up races for our major regatta, the Disher Cup. The Disher Cup is a long-standing regatta where ADFA crews compete against the Royal Military College Duntroon and the Australian National University.

Overall, the ADFA Rowing Club is a well rounded and traditional club that makes it worth getting up early.

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