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Australian Defence Force Academy

Australian Defence Force Applications

Officer Selection

To be selected for ADFA, you will need to submit two applications - one to join the Australian Defence Force as an Officer in the Navy, Army or Air Force, and one to attend the University of New South Wales.

To apply for the Navy, Army or Air Force, please register here.

If your application is successful, you will be appointed to the Australian Defence Force prior to commencing your studies. You will commence with the rank of Midshipman if you choose to join the Navy, or Officer Cadet if you choose to join the Army or Air Force. You will decide which Service to join during the application process.

For information on how to join the Australian Defence Force and on career options through the Navy, Army and Air Force, click here.

Career Progression


All Navy Midshipmen complete initial Officer training at HMAS Creswell in Jervis Bay, on the NSW south coast, immediately following entry to the Navy. Follow initial Officer training you will then undertake a six-month consolidation period in the fleet and commence at ADFA at the beginning of your second year in the Navy. Upon graduation, you are promoted to Sub Lieutenant. If you undertake a fourth year of study at ADFA, you will do so prior to commencing relevant professional training.


As an Army Officer you must successfully complete three years at ADFA. Then you will undertake a year of military training at the Royal Military College (RMC) Duntroon, after which you'll be commissioned as a Lieutenant. You'll then take up your first appointment in an Army unit or return to ADFA for an honours year or the fourth year of an engineering degree.

Air Force

As an Air Force Officer Cadet you'll undertake Air Force specific training at the Officers' Training School, Point Cook, Victoria throughout your time at ADFA. Following graduation from ADFA you are commissioned as a Pilot Officer or Flying Officer and go on to job-specific training. Air Force Officer Cadets who undertake a fourth year of study do so prior to job-specific training.

After Training

When you successfully complete Officer Training, you are guaranteed a job in the Navy, Army or Air Force. As an Officer sponsored through ADFA, after graduation you'll complete a Return Of Service Obligation (ROSO) which guarantees employment for a period of time in the ADF. As a general rule, your minimum return of service obligation is the number of years the Australian Defence Force has paid for you to complete training, plus one year.

For further information on ROSO, speak to a Defence Careers Adviser at a Defence Force Careers Recruiting Centre located near you, call 13 19 01.

Military Exercises

Cadets marching