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Australian Government Security Vetting

Maintaining your clearance

Maintaining your clearance


The initial security vetting process provides a snapshot of an individual at a particular point in time. Once you've been granted a security clearance there are a number of responsibilities and actions that need to be met to ensure your ongoing suitability to hold a security clearance.

These measures are known as security clearance 'aftercare'.

Your aftercare responsibilities will be advised to you when your clearance is granted and include reporting changes in your personal circumstances.

Reporting changes in personal circumstances

Changes to your personal situation—eg. marital status, living arrangements, finances, etc—may affect your security clearance and need to be notified to the AGSVA and your agency's security section. This is done by completing a SVA003 Change of Circumstance Notification form | .

As a clearance holder you should also report significant changes in the personal circumstances of other clearance holders where you believe there may be implications for security. You can provide this information to your agency's security section, your security officer/adviser or directly to the AGSVA.

More information on changes in personal circumstances, including what to report, can be found in the Australian Government's Personnel security guidelines - Agency personnel security responsibilities.

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Clearance reviews

All security clearances are required to be revalidated at regular intervals. The interval depends on the level of your clearance and the AGSVA will advise you when your clearance is due for revalidation.

For more information about security clearances please see the AGSVA Clearance Subject FAQs


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