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Joint Capabilities Group

ADF Warfare Training Centre


Training Calendar

Annual Training Calendar 2019 (last updated 08 November 2018)

Nominating for a course

Uniformed ADF members should contact their Unit training staff for single Service procedures for nominating for ADFWTC courses. Civilians and overseas queries should be directed to Training Coordination in the first instance on +61 2 403 46585

Priority for Paneling

Priority for paneling is determined by the respective Service paneling authorities, not by the ADFWTC. Priority will normally be given to students posted to, or about to be posted to, a Joint billet, operational headquarters, and those due for rotation to an operational deployment but exceptions can be made if circumstances dictate.

All queries from ADF service personnel about enrollment success or non-success of paneling on courses are to be made to the respective Service paneling authority, not ADFWC. Queries from civilian and overseas applicants should be directed to the Training Support Manager on (02) 403 46098 or (02) 403 46585 (+61 2 4034 9639 for o/s applicants).

Course Contact Phone E-mail Address
Training Coordination +61 2 4034 9639 Training Coordinator
Course Waivers   Course Waivers

Mailing Address:
ADFWTC Building 501 Medowie Road RAAF Base Williamtown NSW 2314