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Joint Capabilities Group

ADF Warfare Training Centre


History In 1946, the School of Land/Air Warfare was established at RAAF Laverton to capture and exploit the lessons learnt from WWII. In 1948 the School moved to RAAF Williamtown and in 1958 the name changed to the Air Support Unit. The RAN joined the Air Support Unit in 1968 and then in 1975, the School was renamed the Australian Joint Warfare Establishment. Independent to these developments, the RAN established the Australian Joint Anti-Submarine School at Nowra in 1951. RAAF joined the school, which was reorganised and renamed the Australian Joint Maritime Warfare Centre.

The Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre (ADFWC) was formed by the amalgamation of the Australian Joint Warfare Establishment and Australian Joint Maritime Warfare Centre in 1990. The formation of the ADFWC commenced a new era of joint warfare, training and doctrine development in the ADF. Australia has a long and proud history of helping to keep the peace in many of the world's trouble spots. In 1992, the Australian Defence Department identified the changing nature of peace operations and acknowledged that there was a need to provide related doctrine and training. Consequently on 25 January 1993, a Peacekeeping Centre was established as part of ADFWC.

The Joint Exercise Planning Staff relocated from HQADF in Canberra to become part of ADFWC in 1997. This saw the expansion of the ADFWC mission to include Joint and Combined exercising and subsequently the evaluation of selected operations and exercises.

From 1 January 2010, ADFWC was demerged along output lines with responsibility for exercise planning and evaluation outputs transferred to HQJOC. ADFWC retained responsibility for the balance of its outputs and was established as a fourth JETWC campus, to be known as the Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre (ADFWC).

From 1 Jan 2015, the name was changed to the Australian Defence Force Warfare Training Centre.