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Australian Defence Force Academy

Physical Fitness Standards

High standards of physical fitness are necessary for ADF members to effectively carry out the operational tasks to which they are assigned. All ADF personnel must be capable of achieving and maintaining a prescribed level of physical fitness as a function of operational preparedness.

Applicants for the Australian Defence Force Academy are required to pass the Navy, Army or Air Force physical fitness assessment before starting at ADFA.

It is essential that officer cadets and midshipmen arrive at ADFA with a good base level of fitness. Try the fitness program at the Defence Jobs Candidate Resource Centre here (PDF 382 kb).

Before arrival, practice some form of endurance training, such as taking long walks (40-60 minutes) or bush walking, and get used to being on your feet for extended periods and building up lower leg muscles. This kind of training should help prepare you for standing, running, walking, marching and drill movements. Good eating habits are also essential, especially eating breakfast.

Once you are at ADFA, you will start a physical training (PT) program. Instructors will test your fitness and help you build on it during the first six weeks and up to your fitness test in September. You will then have a fitness test every six months at ADFA, and every year after graduation.

More information on physical fitness requirements can be found at the Defence Jobs Candidates Resource Centre.

Cadets road running

Cadet in the pool

Cadets team sports