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Australian Defence Force Academy

Officer Qualities

An Officer is a leader. A unique type of person looking for challenges - intellectually, physically and emotionally. They require conviction, decisiveness, initiative and an overwhelming desire to lead, to not only bring out the best in themselves, but bring out the best in others. This is what ADFA teaches its students.

From the moment you commence officer training at ADFA, you will learn to use instinct, reason and logic to quickly assess situations and respond accordingly, no matter how complex the situation may be. At the same time, you will learn to appreciate those under your command and make the most of their abilities to work in a team.

With the specialist training only ADFA can offer, you will learn to think on your feet and manage your team to work through any situation that is thrown at you. Over time you will develop your intellectual strength and ingenuity. This in turn will give you the ability to use reason and logic to solve more and more complex problems and build on your leadership skills as your career progresses.

A career as a Navy, Army or Air Force Officer will provide you with challenges unlike anything you would experience in a regular nine-to-five job. ADFA will provide you with the leadership skills you will need as an Officer in the Australian Defence Force.

Cadets with weapons

Cadets with Jet