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Australian Defence Force Academy

The First Five Weeks

In their first year at ADFA, officer cadets and midshipmen participate in five weeks initial military training, which helps them make the transition from civilian to military life.

During these first weeks, officer cadets and midshipmen will learn to march; assemble, load and fire military weapons; practice cleaning, ironing and washing; undergo physical training; partake in adventure training, including rock climbing, the high ropes course and high speed water insertions; work together in a team and start to take responsibility for themselves and each other.

Additionally, they will undertake equity and diversity training, an introduction to military law, and lessons including communal living, ADFA support services, healthy lifestyle, occupational health and safety, and alcohol and drugs awareness.

They will live in Divisions of approximately 35-40 officer cadets and midshipmen within a first year cohort of around 320. They will meet the staff members responsible for training them over the coming years, and will be encouraged to develop friendships with their peers.

During these weeks, prior to the commencement of the academic year, cadets will also enroll in university subjects and plan their academic and military timetables. They will meet some of the University lecturers, and access the computer network.

The initial military training period is followed by Chief of The Defence Force Week, which concludes with the Chief of the Defence Force Parade. Family and friends of first year officer cadets and midshipmen are encouraged to attend this Parade and celebrate the conclusion of initial military training with the new officer cadets and midshipmen.

Cadets canoeing on the river