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Australian Defence Force Academy

Daily Routine

Officer cadets and midshipmen at ADFA follow an annual program of military training and education, academic sessions, sporting commitments and extra-curricular activities. They have access to fantastic facilities, gain a great education and make friends that will last a lifetime.

There is no typical day for cadets at ADFA, however as a general guide:

During the week officer cadets and midshipmen wake at reveille at 0600 and attend roll call at 0605.

0605 - 0800
Before 0800 officer cadets and midshipmen attend breakfast and take part in scheduled activities such as parades, cleaning duties, flag raising duties and other military activities.

0800 - 1700
Academic and military lessons are divided into nine 50-minute periods from 0800 to 1700. Like at civilian universities, class times will depend on the degree studied. During non-class periods, officer cadets and midshipmen study, complete assignments, work out at the indoor sports centre, meet at the Academy Cadets Mess, the coffee shop, or the accommodation blocks, or have time to themselves.

1700 - 2200
Military or Division activities may be scheduled during this time. Generally officer cadets and midshipmen attend dinner and have unprogrammed time to study, work out or socialise on base. Sporting teams and Voluntary Extra Curricular Club (VECC) groups also train and meet from 1700 at one of the many sporting fields, the indoor sports centre or the Academy Cadets Mess. While sport is not compulsory at ADFA, it is strongly encouraged, and most sports train or play mid-week. Participation in VECCs is also encouraged.

On weekends, officer cadets and midshipmen pursue their own activities unless they are involved in sporting commitments or scheduled military training activities.


Cadet BBQ

Cadet fitness training