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Australian Defence Force Academy

The Postgraduate Program

ADFA offers opportunities for advanced learning and postgraduate study through the Capability and Technology Management College, the Defence Force Chaplains’ College, and the University of New South Wales, all located in the ADFA precinct.

The Capability & Technology Management College (CTMC) delivers the Capability & Technology Management Program (CTMP). CTMP is a very demanding year-long technical staff college program that prepares selected career officers for appointments as Capability Technology Managers (ctm's) and project leaders, within the Defence capability management continuum.

The Defence Force Chaplains College is the home of ADF Chaplain Training where Chaplains receive Initial, Intermediate and Senior level instruction. Entry to the Capability & Technology Management College or Defence Force Chaplains College is open to currently Australian Defence Force members only.

Students in lecture

Climbing Wall

Cadet at work