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Australian Defence Force Academy


Graduates of the Australian Defence Force Academy take on a range of exciting and challenging roles both within the Australian Defence Organisation and the industry that supports it, and in the wider community. The first graduating class took up appointments within the Australian Defence Force in 1986, and since then thousands of Australian men and women have completed their training and marched in the annual Graduation Parade.

Graduates now hold positions throughout the Australian Defence Force, including command roles and senior positions within the Navy, Army and Air Force.

They have pursued careers as project managers, authors, actors, lawyers, public servants, lecturers, peacekeepers, telecommunications developers, chief executive officers, managing directors, engineers, conservationists, fundraisers, businesspeople, sports people, small business owners, historians, researchers, and in a range of other fields.

They live and work both within Australia and around the world. They include Rhodes Scholars, inventors, developers, and representative athletes. They have gone on to pursue postgraduate qualifications and work in multinational organisations, and to represent Australia around the world as Officers in the Australian Defence Force.

ADFA graduates on deployment

Cadets marching