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Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies


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Message from the Chair of the Editorial Review Board

Australia is currently experiencing significant changes in its strategic circumstances which are affecting how we see the future of our nation, and the role of the Australian Defence Force and the wider Department of Defence.

Despite these changes, there is still continuity. Recurrent challenges persist in our study and practice of the profession of arms. War remains an enduring part of the human condition and states will continue to seek to protect their sovereignty through national military forces.

These military forces, if they are to be effective must anticipate a broad spectrum of requirements, possess excellent institutional leadership, and cultivate an intellectual edge.

Since the publication of the very first professional journal by the Australian military in 1948, generations of leaders have honed their intellect through writing, critiquing and reading about the many and varied aspects of their profession. The new Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies (AJDSS) builds on this tradition. It will provide insights and analysis that stimulate critical thinking and be a platform for addressing issues relevant to Australia’s defence and strategic interests.

If we are to push the boundaries of knowledge critical to building a cohort of diverse, creative and collaborative Defence and national security professionals then robust and contextually driven conversations are essential. These must be inclusive debates that also seek input from leading academics and experts, industry partners and interagency professionals. Such conversations will drive adaptation in the defence and national security environment, focusing our attention on the intellectual, moral, technological and human components that make conflict and strategic competition a complex national endeavour.

The AJDSS is committed to publishing high-quality professional discourse and peer reviewed scholarship that contributes to national, regional and global defence and national security dialogue. It should be a leading source of contemporary defence and strategic thinking and practice, which nurtures the desire in military and civilian personnel to achieve individual, and collective, professional excellence.

MAJGEN Mick Ryan, AM
Chair, Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies
Commander, Australian Defence College

Editorial Review Board Members
Major General Mick Ryan AM
Dr Ross Babbage
Prof. Toni Erskine
Prof. Michael Evans
Rear Admiral James Goldrick AO, CSC, RAN (Rtd)
Dr Jade Guan
Dr Ahmed Salah Hashim
Dr Michael Hatherell
Dr Frank Hoffman
Associate Professor David Martin Jones
Dr Alexey D. Muraviev
Dr Rory Paddock
Honorary Professor Brendan Sargeant
Professor Peter Stanley
Dr Cathy Moloney (Editor)
Fiona Mackrell (Managing Editor and Board Secretary)