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Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies


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Editorial Statement

In 1976, the Australian Defence Force launched a joint journal ‘embracing the three services and the civilian component of the Defence Forces’. For over 40 years, the ADF Journal was the backbone of scholarship and discussion on the profession of arms. Just as the journal in 1976 was responding to change and reorganisation, so too is the new Australian Journal for Defence and Strategic Studies (AJDSS).

Australia’s Defence requires an intellectual level of thinking that encourages the exchange of innovative ideas and lifts the quality of discussion in both the organisation and the wider community. The AJDSS will be one-step in achieving this goal. It will provide a platform for high-level strategic analysis of Australia and the region’s geopolitical and military environment, and the planning and policy settings required to face a rapidly changing world.

The AJDSS is committed to supporting Defence and the broader strategic community’s thinking on the challenges of the future. It will nurture strategic acumen, advance fresh ideas, and analyse future issues. Most importantly, through encouraging professional and scholarly discussion it aims to assure the intellectual leadership of the Australian Defence Force, both civil and military.

Consequently, the Journal offers a forum for defence personnel, academics, senior policy makers and strategic community partners to research, write, and present innovative ideas and academic analysis. It invites candid and open debate, and values and encourages, diverse perspectives on the multi-faceted issues involved in defence and strategic matters. The journal is equally committed to being relevant to its audience. By providing both peer reviewed papers and high quality commentary, it will offer a balance of both sound scholarship and stimulating points of view.

As the Hon D.J Killen, Minister for Defence said in 1976, “[the journal] should…provide a means whereby we may have a more constructive and enlightened approach to issues of Australian Defence”. The aim of the AJDSS is to do the same and be the journal strategic thinkers have to have.