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Past Operation: ADF Support to Tonga

PLEASE NOTE: The text and links contained on this page refer to a past operation. It is provided for archive purposes only. Current Operations are listed on the Global Operations webpage.

Defence Mission in Tonga Complete

Australian personnel deployed to Tonga have returned to Australia.  The situation in Tonga has now stabilised and the Tongan Security Forces can control security without Australian military support. 

On 18 November, around 50 ADF personnel were deployed to Tonga where they served with the New Zealand-led combined military force that has supported the Tongan Security Forces in stabilising the situation.

The joint force provided security at the Fau’amotu International Airport before moving some elements to support the Tongan Defence Service personnel in Nuku’alofa.

A Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 707 also provided transport to Sydney for a number of Australian citizens and foreign nationals who elected to depart Tonga voluntarily when they became stranded after commercial flights were suspended.




Information current at 30 November 06