BAE Systems' ALR-2002

radar (ALR-2002 Radar Warning Receiver)

BAE Systems Australia's ALR-2002 is the first indigenously designed Radar Warning Receiver to be selected to meet the operational requirements of the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF) F/A-18 Hornet aircraft under the Hornet Upgrade Program. It has also been selected as the Radar Warning Receiver to satisfy the operational needs of the Australian Regular Army's S-70A-9 Blackhawk and CH-47D Chinook as an integral part of the Electronic Warfare Self Protection system to be provided under Project Echidna Phase 2A.

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DescriptionPertinent information

The ALR-2002 Radar Warning Receiver system provides detection, direction finding, analysis and classification of radar emissions across the standard Radar Warning Receiver frequency range. The system warns aircrew of radar emissions which represent a potential threat to the aircraft aurally and visually, via a dedicated multi-function display and/or mission computer.

The architecture of the ALR-2002 Radar Warning Receiver can be readily adapted to a range of aircraft platforms including fast jets, rotary wing, transport and commercial aircraft.

  • High sensitivity crystal video receiver / super heterodyne receiver based architecture
  • Dual receiver architecture offers near 100 probability of intercept
  • Provides both visual and aural situation awareness to aircrew in high density RF environments
  • Capability to function as the electronic warfare suite controller of an electronic warfare self protection suite
  • Interfaces with avionic systems including both expendable and active countermeasures



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