ADA Composite Armour

ADA Composite Armour protects the lives of military personnel on five continents. It meets this ultimate responsibility through dedicated excellence in research, development, manufacture and testing. ADA translates customers' demands into high-value/lower-cost products.

ADA's uniquely-advanced Kuwarri® lightweight reaction-sintered silicon carbide composite armour is a world leader in protection. A range of Kuwarri armour provides both personal and military-platform protection. Its personal protection is designed for maximum safety plus wearer comfort and mobility even in extremes of heat, humidity or cold.

ADA, founded in 1912, has certification to ISO 9001:2000 and other major standards. It is a respected member of the premier international protective-security research and testing organisations.

ADA's customers include Military, Police, Fire and Safety forces around the world. Its constant goal is research and development excellence backed by extensive international input. ADA's R&D unit seamlessly integrates with our sophisticated manufacturing plant employing state-of-art technology, JIT methodology and tight control of every aspect of product supply and in-service maintenance.

You need protection. ADA has the solution.

Company Details

Name ADA Composite Armour
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